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Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play

In the world of dedicated online gamblers and avid casino players, the introduction of a new slot game is like the arrival of a new bestseller to a bibliophile. Brace yourself for an unparalleled gaming experience and heavenly prizes in “Gates of Olympus,” Pragmatic Play’s homage to the mystical realm of Ancient Greece.

Here, we reveal all about “Gates of Olympus,” dissecting its design, gameplay, and reaction from slot machine fans in great detail. This blog article is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about Pragmatic Play’s newest product.

Game Category

Magic, Classic


Pragmatic Play



Number of Lines

All Pays

Number of Reels


Bet Range

0.2-100 EUR







Max Multiplier


Bonus Game


Free Spins


Auto Play


Quick Spin




Available countries

Australia, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Algeria, India, Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic.

Impeccable design and ancient Greek theme

The heart of “Gates of Olympus” beats to an Ancient Greek rhythm, evident from the meticulous attention to detail that Pragmatic Play has applied to its visual and audio elements. The backdrop of the game immerses players in a celestial setting, complete with golden gates and an awe-inspiring sky that morphs from a serene daybreak into a dramatic sunset, fitting for a play that seeks grandeur beyond measure.

The symbols adorning the 6×5 grid are a pantheon of gods and divine relics, centered around Zeus, the almighty ruler of Olympus and the star of this celestial show. Each symbol is intricately designed, pulsating with an otherworldly glow that reverberates with thematic energy. The soundtrack, a crescendo of ethereal chants and epic scores, complements the gameplay, signaling moments of triumph or impending divine intervention.

The appeal of “Gates of Olympus” lies not only in its thematic charm but also in how it harnesses modern graphics technology, offering a fluid, high-definition experience across all devices. This commitment to design excellence and cross-platform compatibility solidifies “Gates of Olympus” as a game that can accompany players on their quest for glory, anywhere and at any time.


Gameplay of Gates of Olympus: Pay-Anywhere Mechanic, Volatility, and Massive Potential

Bypassing the conventional paylines, “Gate of Olympus” introduces a game-changing pay-anywhere method that pays out for groups of symbols. The revolutionary mechanic allows players to pursue wins from any section of the grid, blurring the barriers between strategy and chance. Triggering thrilling payouts, the game’s intrinsic volatility unleashes the possibility for gigantic jackpots and the rush of high-stakes gaming when four or more symbols align in a group.

The game’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage is an outstanding 96.50%, assuring players that they are in a favorable position. The betting ranges have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate all types of players, from those who want to play it safe to those who are willing to risk it all in the hopes of winning the gods’ most abundant rewards.

When you play “Gates of Olympus” and trigger the Tumble Feature, your winning symbols will disappear, revealing a fresh cascade of heavenly symbols and another opportunity to win. You can climb the prize ladder to levels that reflect the divine with each consecutive win during the Tumble sequence, which boosts a multiplier.

gates of olympus mobile

Bonus Features and the Choice of Ante Bet

With the Tumble Feature as the keystone of its gameplay, “Gates of Olympus” raises the stakes with an array of bonus features that promise unfathomable riches. Chief among these is the opportunity to unlock free spins, which are triggered by the elusive scatter symbols. A feast of Olympian proportions awaits with the free spins, during which every win upholds the tumbling tradition, and the multiplier can grow to a monumental 500x.

Players can also opt for the strategic Ante Bet, a feature that increases the bet size in exchange for a greater frequency of the Tumble Feature. This choice presents a calculated risk that can tip the balance of chance in the player’s favor, attesting to the strategic depth that Pragmatic Play has woven into “Gates of Olympus.”

The role of Zeus is not just symbolic; it is exalted through the special symbols of the game that integrate the god’s mighty powers. Zeus can thunder his way onto the grid at any moment, scattering wild symbols that can lead to cascading victories and the heralding of the next era of player fortunes.

Mobile Compatibility

“Gates of Olympus” resounds in this age of ever-changing gaming landscapes because of its cross-platform mobile compatibility. To make sure that players may access the heavenly whenever they choose, the game was made with the latest technologies and gives a harmonic experience on smartphones and tablets.

Because of Pragmatic Play’s unwavering commitment to mobile gaming, “Gates of Olympus” runs smoothly on all platforms. With its touch-centric controls, gameplay is a breeze, and the game’s visual and aural treats are optimized for smaller screens without sacrificing fidelity. Playing the slot machine in its purest form, without any modifications or restrictions, is like holding the whole kingdom of Olympus in your hands.


Comparative Analysis: "Gates of Olympus" vs "Sweet Bonanza"

For fans of Pragmatic Play’s earlier work, “Gates of Olympus” is proof that the studio has progressed in its approach to slot machine design and gameplay. To show how “Gates of Olympus” builds upon and improves upon these concepts, we compare it to “Sweet Bonanza,” a game that echoes the pay-anywhere system’s inception.

While “Sweet Bonanza” had a bright and cheerful style, “Gates of Olympus” is more regal and fantastical. The latter has more intricate gameplay, more unpredictable outcomes, and the chance to win huge with its free spins and multipliers. We showcase Pragmatic Play’s tremendous leap with “Gates of Olympus” by investigating design improvements and strategic subtleties.

How the Community Lauds "Gates of Olympus"

Take a look at the gambling community, and you’ll see that “Gates of Olympus” has been met with nothing but praise. Many players have praised the game for its visually gorgeous presentation, visually addicting action, and the thrill of high volatility and enormous win possibility.

Instantly becoming a staple in the game libraries of the best online casinos, the slot has won over both long-time players and those looking for their first Zeus-sized experience. With numerous casinos providing enticing promos and incentives linked to the game, its reception goes beyond simple adoration and includes true excitement and involvement.

Final Thoughts

“Gates of Olympus” by Pragmatic Play is more than a slot game; it is a meticulous craft that fuses art with technology to evoke the grandeur of the ancient pantheon. With its unique gameplay mechanics, monumental volatility, and a buffet of bonus features, the game provides an experience that is thrilling, rewarding, and deeply engaging.

For those who seek not just to play but to indulge in innovation, “Gates of Olympus” presents an unmissable opportunity. Whether it’s the weight of Zeus’s gaze, the joy of cascading wins, or the anticipation of a multiplying fortune, each spin brings with it the chance to reach the heights of Mount Olympus.

Understanding “Gates of Olympus” affirms its place in the slot gaming landscape as an exemplar of what the future holds. It is a harbinger of adventurous narratives, interactive experiences, and the confluence of technology and imagination that will continue to transform the world of digital gaming.

In conclusion, “Gates of Olympus” is an invitation to an odyssey that blends the wonder of Ancient Greece with the marvels of modern gaming. It beckons, not as a mere game, but as a beacon that signals a new era in slot entertainment. For the mortals who dare to step through, the gates stand open, and the realms of the divine await.

Gates of Olympus